История математики

Бургэн Жан 

(род. 28.02.1954)

Born: February 28, 1954 in Ostende, Belgium

Education: 1977 - Ph.D., Free University of Brussels 1979 - Habilitation Degree, Free University of Brussels

Appointments: Research Fellowship in Belgium NSF (NFWO), 1975-1981 Professor at Free University of Brussels, 1981-1985 J.L. Doob Professor of Mathematics, University of Illinois, 1985-present Professor at IHES (France), 1985-1995 Lady Davis Professor of Mathematics, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 1988 Fairchild Distinguished Professor, Caltech, 1991 Professor, I.A.S., 1994-present

Honors: Alumni Prize, Belgium NSF, 1979 Empain Prize, Belgium NSF, 1983 Salem Prize, 1983 Damry-Deleeuw-Bourlart Prize (awarded by Belgian NSF), 1985 (quintesimal Belgian Science Prize) Langevin Prize (French Academy), 1985 E. Cartan Prize (French Academy), 1990 (quintesimal) Dr. H. C. Hebrew University, 1991 Ostrowski Prize, Ostrowski Foundation (Basel, Switzerland), 1991 Fields Medal, ICM Zurich, 1994 Dr. H. C. Université Marne-la-Vallée (France), 1994 Dr. H. C. Free University of Brussels (Belgium), 1995 Foreign Member of the Academie des Sciences Foreign Member of the Polish Academy

Invited speaker: ICM, Warsaw (1983) ICM, Berkeley (1986) ICM, Zurich (1994) ICMP, Paris (1994)

Editorial Boards: Annals of Mathematics Journal de l'Institut de Math. de Jussieu Publications Mathématiques de l'IHES Duke Math J. International Mathematical Research Notices Geometrical and Functional Analysis (GAFA) Journal d'Analyse de Jérusalem Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems