История математики

Тао Terence 

(род. 17.07.1975)

Теренс Тао родился 17 июля 1975 в Аделаиде (Австралия). Жил в Австралии до 1992 года.

Победитель Международной математической олимпиады (1986-1988)

Учился во Flinders University (до 1992). PhD (1996) Princeton University (США) под руководством Elias Stein.

Профессор University of California (1999).

Филдсовская медаль (2006).

Теренс Тао — активный участник Polymath project

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I come from a land down under,
where the beer flows and the men chunder.
Can't you hear - can't you hear the thunder?
You better run - better take cover!

I was born in Adelaide, Australia on July 17, 1975 (the day Apollo and Soyuz docked!), and lived there until 1992. My Chinese name is 陶哲轩.

Although both my parents are Chinese (hence my name), I consider myself primarily an Australian. This doesn't mean that I wrestle crocodiles in the outback, but I do like Vegemite and meat pies, Aussie rules and cricket, Pom-bashing and Kiwi-rivalry, and above all Australia's easy-going, honest, and relaxed culture.

Terence Tao is a supreme problem-solver whose spectacular work has had an impact across several mathematical areas. He combines sheer technical power, an other-worldly ingenuity for hitting upon new ideas, and a startlingly natural point of view that leaves other mathematicians wondering, "Why didn't anyone see that before?". His interests range over a wide swath of mathematics, including harmonic analysis, nonlinear partial differential equations, and combinatorics. (Further information at

Terence Tao was born in Adelaide, Australia, in 1975. He received his PhD in mathematics in 1996 from Princeton University. He is a professor of mathematics at the University of California, Los Angeles. Among his distinctions are a Sloan Foundation Fellowship, a Packard Foundation Fellowship, and a Clay Mathematics Institute Prize Fellowship. He was awarded the Salem Prize (2000), the American Mathematical Society (AMS) Bocher Prize (2002), and the AMS Conant Prize (2005, jointly with Allen Knutson). At 31 years of age, Tao has written over 80 research papers, with over 30 collaborators.

Fields medal 2006 "for his contributions to partial differential equations, combinatorics, harmonic analysis and additive number theory".